"Heat-Lifting"  - 
       meeting the Convergence-Effect

The web-like expansion of the convergence pad allows to guide the soldering tip out of the soldering point in a regulated manner. 

The cooling of the solder is not left to chance and is therefore convergent in the direction of the heat source.

Inconsistent expansions of the solder do not occur during the cooling process.

Seize high-level operative latitude if the soldering temperature is set too high and increase the distance from the solder joint by the adhesive force of the solder. Initiate the convergence-effect without adverse influence on the solder joint itself.

In order to reduce the calculation of the parameters to a minimum, this type of procedure is recommended as obligatory for automated processes such as robot soldering.

The convergence pad is also suitable to effectively perform rework operations after flow- or reflow-assembly. 

The introduction of the heat source via the expansion of the pad significantly favours the melting of the solder. The particularly high thermal conductivity of copper can thus be brought to bear.

This also facilitates a gentle processing of the contact and the component by considerably reducing the risk of thermal shock.